Nawashi Düsseldorf и Eelin Ropemotion (Германия) и Психея (Украина)

After three years of intensive rope practise Jan from Dusseldorf, Germany values most the ability of connecting people through rope. He emphasizes that the progress in rope studies also had big impact on his personal horizon of experience especially regarding the relation ropes can create between persons. 

"I found my way of much more enjoying the calmness of the rope. I love its ability to raise hard suffering or give unbearable joy. I am always thankful to meet people who share the love and personal experience with rope.”

With intent to pass his passion he founded the Shibari Club Dusseldorf in 2013, which today counts about 60 real members, numbers increasing.
In Moscow Jan will challenge himself by performing with two rope models. Eelin Ropemotion from Germany, a newbie to rope art will meet the experienced rope model Psiheya from the Ukraine. Psiheya also proved strong tying skills and is the owner of Bondage Studio in Charkiv. Psiheya and Jan manage to be well attuned to each other as they proved in former collaborations, even under the circumstances of living apart.




  • Dmitri O., Sankt Petersburg, Russia
  • Horst K., Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Sambath O., Hamburg, Germany 

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