There would be workshops at Moscowknot 2017:


Bingo Shigonava & Deko (Япония) - понедельник 24 апреля (20.00 - 23.00)

Contents of workshop:



Introducing Bingo Shigonawa History and profile

His style of kinbaku and his motivations

Kinbaku in Japan History and culture,

actual world of kinbaku

Shosa (Manner) and Zanshin (putting heart)

How to move, make run ropes and mind state

About introducing

​How to invite the model into your world

Modern style

How to play with shibari  

Ropes on floor  

How to play without suspension

Suspension with transition

How to play with suspension

Playing after

How to play during untiing


Vital Kimia & MitZuKy (Kosta Rica)


A delicious massage with oil, aromatic essences and eroticism of candles combined with the pleasure of ropes.



For couples uninhibited who want to explore the erotic pleasure of the ropes in the company of other couples.

 Lahtnor & Kadin

Tying like a Viking - Body awareness, movement and mindfuck : level For all

A freeform approach to rope

We will talk about intent and space, movement and handling not in the technical sense but all about emotion and creating that special connection with the person you are tying with.

How can you use the flow of energy in your body to manipulate your model and create exciting connective qualities with movement

Ideas about using your body as a tool in creating a sadistic setting for ropeplay.

Using punching, pressure points, sound, body movement, fearplay, pauses and unpredictability when creating a scene.

We will explore how to use our bodies for rope and how to maintain and take care of it both for riggers and models

we move away from the old notion that only models need to be strong and flexible, we all benefit from being aware of maintaining a strong and healthy body for ropework.

I will show a variety of movements to properly warm up and stretch your body for ropeplay. Also for working towards being more flexible something that is beneficial not only for the model but also the rigger to push getting stronger and safer in and out of the ropes.

2.Marionette Suspension : level For all

This suspension is very dynamic and playful and creates a tremendous variety for both rigger and model. It explores body awareness for those who are bound. It can be a great challenge to move freely using your stability and strength, you can vary your position from standing to inverted without changing any lines. It also maintains security since you can always return to standing if it becomes stressful. Riggers can use the tie to move the model in any form or shape you see fit and help in the flowing movements your model and you want to experience. This creates a unique interaction between the rigger and the one who is bound since you both can initiate something for the tie.

The price is 3500 rub per pair

*** Lahtnor will be available for private lessons during the festival: All levels, ask for infos and rates ***

Felix (Germany) - wil be held in Predel Club


Tying individually and working with different partners, learning to adapt to different anatomies and personalities / exploring aesthetics (90 – 120 min) 

2 SPECIAL PATTERNS(created by myself)

 specific chest and body harnesses that I developed for my own personal practice (90 – 180 min, suspension points needed)


 creative ties using concepts and tools of instant composition, rhythm and dynamic in a session / floor work and suspension (90 – 180 min)

 Maestro BD

1.Sexual Suspension - How to go Up on the Sky

Suspensions are beautiful and skillfull, but do you really knows what you could do during suspensions?
The workshop give you skills about how to suspend for sexual intercourse. Some positions for semisuspension and full suspension for couples.
A different way to do Up.
A expert level workshop for couples with suspension skill.

Semi and full suspension with sexual use.
What to bring 6-8 x 8m ropes
Duration: 3 Hours
Price 3000 rub per pair

2.Newaza Kinbaku – On Floor Ties to reach connection.


The caressing style to strength connection between rigger and Partner.
From Yukimura Haruki ryu style to personal tricks, for a better experience in rope.
The workshop bring you through the use of the rope to bring pleasure and pain, binding arms and legs, as mind and feeling.
Strong and sweet movements, to bring the bottom to a full experience-
A all level workshop especially for couples.
Discussion of the key words about Yukimura Ryu
Demonstration: How to make a floor tie session.
Hands on: Use of Nawa Jiri to control bottom
                  Kemono Shibari
level: All level
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 3000 rub per pair.

 Nawasabi & Schwarzes Biest (Германия)

1. Semenawa with Nawasabi

Seme is the Japanese term for pressure. Nawa means rope. So, basically you could translate Semenawa with „pressing rope“ or „torture bondage". In Nawasabis understanding it means the art of leading the partner through a composition of lust and pain, rather than to just cause pain. In this workshop we will have an eye on several aspects of Nawasabis style, especially regarding timing, dynamics, generating adrenalin and dealing with pain.
Level: Advanced / Professional