Unlife & Bloodflower (Russia, St. Petersburg)


Hi from Venice of the North, as we call Saint-Petersburg, my name is Alexey as Unlife.

I’m relatively new in the world of ropes and souls interlacing, yet from the first sight I was struck by the deepness of the universe my life has brought me to. Me and my 6 mm ropes are inseparable ever since.

We’ve shown ourselves in Europe, we are frequent guests at Saint-Petersburg bondage events. We’ve recently visited Kazan and in mid-March we were warmly welcomed by Vitebsk audience.

What captivates me in shibari, you ask? Why is it important for me? Why are these moments precious for me? To understand it you need to try it, and then you’ll see what it feels like when another person confides her body and soul to you, when everything depends only on you, when another person put her faith and trust in you, when you two make your own universe.