Shigonawa & Deko (Japan)

Bakushi based in Tōkyō. Bondage teacher. Co-owner with Yoi Yoshida of Bar -UBU- and -Mitsu- in Shinjuku. Trademark: purple dyed rope. 

"I don’t want to be called a kinbakushi. I prefer only my name. People can call us any way they want. But when I describe myself I say a person handling rope. People don’t call me this. I’m just saying it myself."

Shigonawabingo san co-runs the traditional Japanese rope-play bars -UBU- and -mitsu- in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo with Yoi Yoshida san, and teaches not only theory and practice, but also the etiquette and philosophy of Kinbaku. He is a friendly and encouraging individual who has taken traditional rope and experimented to refine and improve ties for erotic SM use, and has become one of the leading lights of the Japanese Bakushi scene. 

" I would like to say that the Kinbaku I teach in my workshops is not for performance shows or photography. There are many complex techniques needed for doing a performance, and I can only explain them to people who need it. What I teach is for private rope-play, and not Kinbaku for showing to third parties, but for attracting a rope bottom."