Davide "MaestroBD" La Greca (Italy)

Davide La Greca - AKA MaestroBD, is a unusual kinbakushi and a Bondage and Shibari Teacher.
Born in 1971 in Rome, he kept his home under the hot sun of Italy. 
In 90's Davide discovers the Bondage, that opens his path to the BDSM, starting from sm magazines and selflearning, and building is own style mixing western and shibari tecniques.
Since this Epiphany the decision came to share the culture linked to this delicate subject as an art. So he immediately started to work on the esibitions along with the didactic, obtaining a constant good reaction, in Italy and Abroad.

MaestroBD teaches bondage and BDSM tecnique from 2006, offering workshop everywhere from Sicily to Reykjavik (Iceland), giving lesson about Safety, Shibari, not forgetting BDSM essays.
In the 2011 he discovers the traditional Shibari, and starts to study from the Japanese Sensei, trying different Styles, in 2014 he finds his path, the “Yukimura Ryu”. So he starts to take lessons from the Sensei Yukimura Haruki and to follow that caressing style.
Today MaestroBD is one of the best shibari teachers in italy, runs the Rome Shibari Dojo and the Pavia Shibari Dojo, two japanese school of Shibari in italy, and gives private tuition.
He's also resident performer in several parties and events around Europe, bringing on stage the art of shibari and theatrical Bondage.
MaestroBD is a performer, bringing theatrical show all around Italy and Europe, with some shows in the far east, in the 2016 make a partecipation at Onawa Asobi in Tokyo.

Building a relation means to create quality time: it needs total attention and passion.
I use ropes to build a connection between two peoples, and teach how to do it.
Bondage is linking two toughts and two souls using knots, making a costant flow of emotions without words”
Davide “MaestroBD” La Greca
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