Lahtnor & Kadin (Sweden)

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The Swedish Viking Lahtnor. His way of tying might seem a little chaotic from certain distance, but this charismatic man certainly does have a sense for rhythm. Spectators find honest emotions, true joy, jokes and unusual rope work in Lahtnor's tying. His shows offers something really far outside the norm and brings a mix of modern Shibari, theatrical stage persona and rhythmic bodywork of movement.

Lahtnor started tying after finding the beauty of ropework in photograph and by watching emotional Kinbaku. He quickly started incorporating many aspects of rope into his life.

He is a photographer, video maker, model, rope maker, workshop leader and performer of rope.

His passion besides rope is Health, Fitness and Body-building,

He brings knowledge of body awareness from this passion which is shown in his athletic and dynamic performances and in the way he handles his models and his own body in the ways of the rope.

He shares this knowledge to give his rope students the tools for body conditioning and health in rope when he travels the world.

His style is a hybrid mix of traditional shibari and playful functional dynamic ropework.

A lot of emphasis is put to movement and emotional connection to the model and the audience.


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Latest performances

  • Bound UK London May 2016
  • El-lip-sis Rotterdam Dec 2016
  • Rope Spirits V. Prague - Jan 2017