Sergey "Exmelin" Lisitsyn & Olga Svoboda (Russia, St. Petersburg)

Sergey ExmelinLiSiTsin and Olga Svoboda make a creative duet and a BDSM couple. Together they organize bondage erotic photoshoots, perform in clubs and give classes in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk, Kiev. They participated in MoscowKnot festival in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

«We were always glad to perform onMoscowKnot stage. We think that this event organized by Vlada and Falco is the largest one in the Eastern Europe bondage world.

Our public bondage doesn’t differ a lot from our private sessions. It’s not a game, it’s always emotional and expressive. We strive to be best remembered for intensity, sexuality and the incredible tense on stage. Bondage for us is most and utmost about close contact with each other during the session, it is about interaction and opportunity to feel your partner by ropes. We like the game of desires, the feeling of might and submission. We want the intermixture of appetences of both rigger and his model to form the mutual satisfaction in classical technics».